Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump's America

Lot of time today reading what everyone else is putting up. All good stuff. Want to at least get this up. Apparently our new president is taking cues not only from buddy Vlad, but also from a movie super-villain

"We take Gotham from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you, the people," Bane said.

Is it going to get stranger? Undoubtedly. Good editorial in Wash Po

Like his alarmist speech to the Republican National Convention in July, this one painted a false picture of an impoverished, crime-ridden country that has been cheated and victimized by Washington elites and grasping interests abroad. Mr. Trump’s dystopia may exist in places but not generally in a nation whose economy has rebounded from the 2008-2009 recession and is now outperforming other advanced industrial democracies. Stoking discontent may serve Mr. Trump’s political interests, but seems unlikely to contribute to the country’s stability or unity of purpose. Nor will painting these purportedly unchecked ills as imposed on the “righteous public” by a vaguely disloyal “small group in our nation’s capital” — the same people, presumably, who had honored him, and the country’s democratic heritage, by their presence on the inaugural platform. If such words are capable of unifying Americans, it will only be in a shared sense of free-floating grievance against a scapegoat, or scapegoats, designated by Mr. Trump.

So, we're living in Bane's Gotham City or Mad Max's America. Not sure which. You decide. 


  1. The countrywide and worldwide marches showed Trump that he isn't universally loved or even liked. This doesn't sit well with the narcissist who, while standing in front of the wall of heroes who gave their lives in service to this country, bragged about how often he was on the cover of Time Magazine. Seriously. Trump is a real sick human being.

    Later in the evening, a man who worked many years as an editor of Time Magazine said Trump was wrong about being on the cover more than any other person. There were several other people who've been on the cover more often.

    Just another instance of the Bullsh*tter-in-Chief stroking his ego in front of the world.

    He sickens me.

  2. Yes, the folks came out to show their displeasure in GF yesterday, too.

    I hadn't seen the Time mag part of the story. I did see, "I am so behind you." Then moving on to bitch about the media and lie about the size of his crowds. What do you do when you literally can't believe a word he says? It's really disconcerting, and that's not a strong enough word.

  3. I'd read that Trump plagiarized "The Bee Movie" in his speech, but that he quoted a Batman villain takes the cake. I'm just surprised it wasn't The Penguin, who I've compared him to since he declared his candidacy. Both of them are parodies of what a working stiff thinks a rich man is like. However, Oswald Cobblepot on "Gotham" is a better mayor than Trump is a president.

    On a related note, the politician who should be all over this is Patrick Leahy, who is a big Batman fan. He's appeared in five Batman movies, including the one with Bane. He also was the one who told Heath Ledger's Joker "We are not intimidated by thugs." America could use that message.

  4. Dick Cheney will always be the Penguin to me. Patrick Leahy will always be a hero to me. Bigger than Batman.

  5. If Dick Cheney is your Penguin, then Rumsfeld will be your Riddler, Condi Rice your Catwoman, and Bush the Lesser your Joker. I have that image on file, too.