Monday, May 21, 2018

North Country Gunsplainers

Got my lesson in gun 101 this morning.

An Indian Lake man was jailed Thursday after he was found to illegally have numerous guns, including an assault rifle and illegal ammunition clips, police said.

He has at least one criminal conviction that barred him from owning weapons, and was found to have guns that included a semiautomatic rifle that was deemed an "assault" rifle as well as illegal high-capacity ammunition clips, the website showed. 

For those who are versed in gun, you'll immediately spot the error. They're magazines, not clips. I've had that pointed out to me before. Don't enjoy the refresher.

If the Post Star is going to jump the gun on an article with an extremely sensitive subject matter such as New York’s gun control, ( After all that was the main objective to this particular article ) then it really needs to pay closer attention to actually printing factual information.

It was reported that the suspect was in possession of numerous high capacity ammunition clips, ( Anything over ten rounds in NY is illegal keep that in mind )

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but ammunition clips were never produced to hold more than ten rounds, ( the average size was between 8 to 10 rounds ) Ammunition clips are used to actually speed load a rifle with a fixed box magazine. On the other hand, an actual rifle magazine is a removable box magazine which is more commonly found on most modern weapon platforms today, and come in a wide array of sizes.

With that said, If the article actually stands true, then it’s quite obvious that the Post Star has stretched the truth yet once again, as ammunition clips in NY are 100% legal to own and use.

This entire article is just another classy attempt by the Post Star to keep yesterday’s tragic school shooting fresh on our minds and to keep pushing its Leftist agenda. - SeeksTheTruth

I have my doubts about how truthseeking he actually is. Anyway:

Thanks for all the gunsplaining on clips versus magazines. I'm sure that's a very important point.

He has at least one criminal conviction that barred him from owning weapons,

So, should this guy have possessed the guns and clips or magazines? Have his second amendment rights been trampled? He was jailed for illegal possession of guns. That makes it a news story with or without the occurrence of a school massacre. Or should this story only be reported if he had killed someone? Or not even then because it would prejudice people against innocent guns which we all know don't kill people. - KR

Friday, May 18, 2018

Leonardo Crows

Leonardo Alcivar in today's PS does a touchdown dance, or possibly the nihilist victory dance, over the bucks Elise is raking in from sources like John Bolton (10 grand) and another 10 grand from a Fraternity and Sorority PAC that they have no idea why they received it.

In Comments, I'll be sure to report back if he responds:

“The Democratic candidates’ embarrassing fundraising numbers speak for themselves,”

Leonardo, if you open up the Good Book to Judges you can read about a plucky shepherd boy who smote a Philistine giant. Since you may not be familiar with the story, tell Elise to keep her head down. Oops, she already does.

“The Stefanik campaign is proud to have earned such overwhelming financial and grassroots support across every county in our District, and beyond,”

I don't think "grassroots" means what you think it means. Being funded by Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, John Bolton, Adelson, Singer and the Koch's is not the definition.

I'm sure Stefanik will still be better funded. After June 26th, there'll be one Democratic opponent and the donations from Dems will go to that candidate. You know, grassroots donations. The kind from within the 21st district.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Reminder to Ask Lynn Kahn if She's a Vegan

Since Matt wouldn't tell me.

I do not believe that any of these "environmentalists" is a vegan and that is pretty relevant given that livestock agriculture is either 38% or 51% responsible for climate change (depending on whether you believe the EPA or the UN). So, seems like some reading may be in order for all of these candidates. Was plant-based agriculture at least brought up as a topic at the forum? The story does not indicate that it was. Very sad.

As for "Kevin the baker" and his continuing attacks on Greens and Green candidates, the corporate Dems running his war party will take money from anyone who offers it. I am sure that Doctor Kahn, who is NOT from Kevin's corporate party, will take small individual donations from any voter of any party who wishes to support her. What an absurd thing to suggest that she should refuse Republican support ... how could anyone win our solidly GOP district without support from at least some Republicans??? It's patently ridiculous. It sure doesn't look like the Democrats are going to win by running Don Boyajian and hating on Donald Trump but I guess that's really all they've got. I would estimate that 25% of NY21 GOP voters would need to peel off and vote for someone other than Elise to see the district switch hands. So, Kevin, try to slow down your DNC rhetoric for just a minute and actually think about the mean-spirited things you say. You sound an awful lot like John Kerry in 2004 whining about how Ralph Nader had taken about $200,000 in inividual donations when Kerry, himself, had already taken $7,000,000 in individual GOP donations. It's called being a "hypocrite", Kevin. Try not to be one.

I like how he's doing the Trump very sad thing. 

I will vote for Kahn because I have spoken with her at length and believe her to be sincere and goodhearted. FAR more important to me, she is carrying the Green standard into battle with her and my vote always goes to support the building of our principled non-corporate political party. 

That still doesn't tell me if she's a vegan or not. He wouldn't tell me if Jill Stein was either. Should've asked if he'd vote for a Dem vegan over a Green meat eater. Next time. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ronny Jackson Letter

Credit to Col. McNulty for his letter addressing a column he was in disagreement with. This was much superior to Mr. Nelson's which states, "The bulk of recent columns and commentary are divisive to the readers, not all, but many. The constant assault on the Constitution..." Specifics would be so much better, rhetorically speaking.

Col. McNulty (and Mr. Nelson) question Mr. Tingley's familiarity with "honor, courage and commitment." Our current president has said, "the Mueller investigation is an attack on our country." Mr. Mueller is a decorated Vietnam veteran who has also served his country nobly in other ways. Some of us feel the inquiry into Russian election interference is a great service. Another quote, "he's not a war hero. I like people who weren't captured." Mr. Trump also minimized the sacrifice of the Kahn's, a Gold Star family. Despite playing football, tennis and squash he received a deferment for bone spurs. In 1993, he told Howard Stern that dating was "the equivalent of a soldier going to Vietnam." This, because of STDs. I can see why a parent might be reluctant have their children serve under Mr. Trump's moral leadership.

What matters more is his choice of Ronny Jackson to head the VA. Because Jackson praised him and went along with the obvious fiction that Mr. Trump weighs 239 pounds, he was given the nod. It has come out that the doctor has engaged in a number of inappropriate behaviors. This seems of greater importance than whether Mr. Tingly wants his son serving in President Trump's military. And Rep. Stefanik: Whether the allegations are true or not, Dr. Jackson is clearly unqualified. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Great Letters That Are Not Mine

The first is from Nicole Clark who demonstrates that Elise Stefanik is well-versed in tautologies.

To the dismay of many, this week Elise Stefanik continued her practice of providing slick, non-answers to constituent questions. For example, at Thursday’s “coffee” in South Glens Falls, when Michele Davis asked her to clarify her position on universal background checks and gun violence, she emphasized that “these horrific crimes (in Parkland, Las Vegas, etc.) are by people who have broken the law.” Notably, she ignored the fact that both the Parkland and Las Vegas murderers legally purchased their military-style weapons before killing throngs of people. 

Sara Schaff pointing out that our congresswoman may not be up to the job.

No one is asking her to "disagree" with Trump. Our love of our families, neighbors and country is far bigger than that. It's the kind of love that demands our elected officials stand up for a democracy under threat from an incompetent, incurious, bigoted, easily-bored, lying, narcissistic bully.

If Ms. Stefanik is not willing to do that, she doesn't deserve the job we pay her to do.

Julie Wash reminding us that Elise's ethics are essentially the same as Trump's and the rest of the elected members of the Republican Party. 

I appreciate the congresswoman's honesty to tell me face-to-face that she has no personal standards of integrity when it comes to fundraising off a self-proclaimed sexual abuser. Basically, if it wins the GOP the White House, Stefanik's professional integrity takes a back seat to a party that nominates and confirms a known abuser who riles the basest instincts in voters.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Thank You, John Camm

You get the quote of the day.

"I'm a moderate Republican, and yet my party has run away from that," Camm said. "So give me a moderate Democrat."

I may steal that in the future.

John Camm has been a Republican since the Nixon Administration, but the 63-year-old Tucson accountant says he will likely support a Democrat for Congress in November. He is splitting with his party over access to health insurance as well as its recent overhaul of the nation's income tax system. He also supports gun control measures that the party has rejected.

It's a small world after all.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Idiocy Goes Forward

So, H-L school district is going to go ahead with signing on some geriatric Dirty Harry wannabees to patrol the halls.

Warren County supervisors on Thursday gave the go-ahead to county Sheriff Bud York’s plan to hire part-time sheriff’s officers to work in Hadley-Luzerne Central School, but some expressed concerns about costs for the program that won’t be picked up by school districts.

It's nice to see there are some supervisors looking at reality. They didn't seem to follow it as far along as I did, but it's a start. 

Some supervisors had concerns about costs that the Sheriff’s Office will have in outfitting the officers, with firearms, uniforms and other equipment to be purchased, and with the officers going on the county’s liability insurance policy. Handguns can cost up to $400 apiece.