Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Leave Donnie Alone

I want to thank Shaw for alerting me to the fact that PEOTUS Trump's feelings were being hurt by mockers on the left. I'm wearing the hairshirt as I type this.

President-elect Donald Trump’s Press Secretary was practically begging America to stop making fun of the incoming president. Trump isn’t going to find much popular support for his presidency because the majority of voters did not support him.

If Trump continues to act like a narcissistic and petty reality television star instead of a president, he is going to mocked.

One can only imagine the howls of laughter from Republicans if Obama’s press secretary would have gone on national television and complained about the American people making fun of him.

Trump isn’t even in office yet, but his team is demanding credit for things that they have not done, which is exactly why the American people will continue to mock the president-elect.\

Don't watch this video.

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