Friday, March 31, 2017

Letters Day

First my fellow travelers. Eva Lau:

It’s impossible to keep the popular portions of the ACA (i.e., doing away with denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions, extending coverage under parental plans until aged 26, no lifetime caps on coverage) without having healthy people in the risk pool. ACA opponents have consistently sought to destroy the ACA, rather than improve it. Republicans, including District 21’s own Elise Stefanik, are more than happy to tell you that the ACA is in a “death spiral” (which is untrue according to the Congressional Budget Office) but they won’t tell you the real reason why the law isn’t working as it was intended. Congress should be improving the law, not destroying it.

Amen. Keep telling it. Pat Oles:

Elise Stefanik’s silence throughout the repeal and replace debate was instructive. The implications for the district were profound, but she was more concerned with delivering the ACA tax cut for the wealthy and she was willing to fund that relief for the wealthy with a plan that eliminated coverage for 85,000 people in District 21 and raised costs for the rest. It is hardly a surprise that the bill was unacceptable to most people and nearly 30 Republicans in the House.  

Congresswoman, we're still not happy. And you know who else isn't happy? Stephen Kottman isn't because we, the majority of the country, are not giving Trump hugs and kisses

When is all this stupidity going to stop! Donald Trump is our president elected fairly. All you Hillary people that didn’t get your way stop your whining! It didn’t go your way because for one thing. She is crooked and have we forgotten Benghazi?

Yes, really. Benghazi. I hadn't forgotten, as hard as I tried. 

Had Hillary gotten elected we would have four more years of the same nonproductive crap we have had for the last eight years. Obama did absolutely nothing. His so-called legacy is a joke. President Trump has done more good for this country since taking office than the last two presidents did in 12 years.

What's Trump done so far other than sign executive orders? And the travel ban order seems to be hitting a wall. A real one, not the imaginary one on the Mexican border. On the legacy thing, ACA seems to be hanging around awhile longer. Last two presidents and 12 years? Is he saying Bush had a good first four years? Other than that one day in September 2001? Wingnut logic. 

This country can be great again if everyone stops fighting him and starts helping him. You whining losers like Michael Moore (emphasize loser) are doing nothing but hurting this country and putting us all in danger.

Don't forget the Freedom Caucus, too.

Are you all going to whine and complain till there is another civil war in this country? That’s where we are headed with all the rioting and stealing and pointing fingers!

Yes I am because we are in the majority. It's 64% against 36%. I like the odds. 

Get over it! Donald Trump is our president for the next four years and we should all be grateful for him. We finally have a president that tells it like it is and does what he said he would do. 

Tells it like it is? Nothing that comes from his mouth or tweets is true. Does what he said he would do? He's done nothing except provide material for late night comics. 

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