Monday, March 27, 2017

Comment At PS

This is the story and the comment is far off topic from it. Just doing the patented Repsac What'd I Say.

OK, his last name is spelled Bauer (like Jack) and don't you mean to say that humans are the endangered species (if I read your logic correctly)?

We'll see if she wins in a landslide. I saw awhile ago someone was giving HRC a hard time because she dithered over naming a favorite flavor of ice cream on the campaign trail last year. I can surely see Elise doing the same thing. It's almost impossible to get her to take a solid stand on anything. She got a landslide last November because of Trumpski. Hopefully she'll lose because of him this time. Does it seem a little disconcerting that someone on the House Armed Services and House Intelligence isn't aware that the candidate she's backing for president is in bed with the Russians and so are all the people around him? The guy, Nunes, who heads House Intelligence seems to be on the WH staff. I'm not sure Elise isn't as well.

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