Friday, September 16, 2016

The Appetizer

I've been meaning to put these pics up for awhile. Gonna do so before moving on to the wingnut main course.

These are Blue Beech plum tomatoes that I got from Fedco Seeds in Maine. BTW, their catalog is literally filled with works of art. And yes, I know what literally means. These tomatoes are clocking in at probably around 10 ounces apiece on average. I will absolutely be growing them again next year. Fedco gets them from a supplier in Vermont who has been growing them forever (not literally). I forget the specifics. 

This is the Blue Beechs' purpose in life; to become salsa. The peppers are Bangkok Thai that I believe came from Johnny's Seeds, also from Maine. They're between a Jalapeno and a Habanero in Scovilles. Apologies for the missing tildes. Believe I'm up to 30 pints of salsa now.  

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