Sunday, September 25, 2016

Elsiegate: Day 7

The latest, greatest crime of the last half century occurred a week ago when a supporter of Mike Derrick's made a lame attempt at humor.

Ernie LaBaff, speaking at the grand opening of Derrick’s campaign office in Pottsdam on Sunday, said, “We do not need a congresswoman like Elsie (sic) Stefanik, or Elsie the Cow, whatever you want to call her,” according to a video of his remarks.

I've written a letter to the Post Star responding to one supporter of Stefanik who is likely still supine on her fainting couch. Today's edition of the paper featured two more letters on the whole imbroglio. John Sharkey wrote a pretty level-headed letter.

If someone can’t think quick enough to retract something like that at a time when women are especially sensitive to those kinds of remarks, then maybe Mr. Derrick needs new friends.

Then there is Peg Jasinski. She disappoints me as well by not going into full Humorless Harpy of Hate mode. 

I am happy to support her and to stand up against the sexism displayed by the Derrick campaign. 

I do have to take issue with this. I don't believe it can be accurately called the Derrick campaign when an outside supporter says something stupid. 

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