Wednesday, September 21, 2016

David Schanzer on Trump's Secret Plan

No, he doesn't really know what it is, but he's guessing it's bad.

Governments are often duped into overreacting to terrorism, causing more harm to themselves than a terrorist group ever could. 

Donald Trump has demonstrated over and over again this campaign season that he is an easy mark. 

Now I didn't need a professor from Duke University to tell me this. Lots of people, who aren't going to listen, do though.

Trump's secret plan to defeat the Islamic State. We have been assured it will be tough and it will quickly destroy the group. The only way to achieve both of these objectives would be a huge insertion of American military on the ground to defeat IS in Syria and Iraq, which is exactly what the terrorist group has been pining for. 

Donald Trump: Best friend of Putin and ISIS.

Trump has also responded to attacks like the ones in New York, New Jersey and Minneapolis this week by calling for a ban on immigration by Muslims to the United States. This overt religious discrimination against the world's second largest religion would inflict a huge wound on the United States that IS, on its own, could never dream of perpetrating.

Can Trump do worse than that?

Lastly, Trump has responded to attacks by calling for law enforcement to conduct surveillance of Muslims based not on suspicion that they are engaged in criminal activity, but solely on their religion. 

But, of course.

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