Friday, September 30, 2016

Let It Go, Dude

How easy is it to make Trump lose his mind? Thanks Betty Cracker.

The D-list political operatives in the Trump organization who are capable of comprehending voter demographics must have been begging their asshole boss to zip it about Machado. But he just can’t shut the fuck up about her. He waited until his handlers fell asleep and then went on a rage-tweet tear. 

Ms. Cracker has a great suggestion for the Clinton team.

Maybe Clinton can set him up to denounce infants, puppies and kittens next.

The beauty of this scenario is that Trump seems determined to flail around and make things worse for the next week and a half. Then he’ll stomp into the October 9th debate loaded for bear, a serial adulterer and documented sexist itching to tear into Clinton for her husband’s behavior.

Yeah, that's what Samantha Bee and I are waiting for. 

And it is a town hall-style debate with questions coming directly from voters, so chances are he broaches that subject with maximum ham-handedness. Popcorn futures are sky-high.

I don't think that town hall thing is going to serve Trump well. I'm sure he and Sean can find a conspiracy embedded in there somewhere.

Here's yahoo on the "twitter tirade."

In tweets posted a little after 5 a.m. on Friday, Trump brought up reports indicating that Machado was once accused of driving a getaway car from a murder scene in Venezuela. (Earlier this week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Machado, who was never charged, about the allegation. She admitted to not being a “saint girl” but said the real issue at hand was Trump’s attempt to “destroy my self-esteem.”) Trump also suggested that the public “check out” Machado’s “sex tape and past.”

What time does he get up, that he's tweeting at 5 a.m.? Wow, he really needs to get more sleep. And BTW, I have no doubt that Trump has "checked out" that sex tape. It's likely overdue at this point. It does seem odd that a Republican candidate for president is encouraging people to watch porn.

UPDATE: Bad news for all you nihilist porn hounds. There may not be a Machado "sex tape."

In quick succession, Mr. Trump has repeated his critique that Ms. Machado gained a “massive amount of weight” after she won the Miss Universe crown in 1996; suggested that former President Bill Clinton’s infidelities are fair game for campaign attacks; and urged his followers to “check out” a sex tape that may not exist. (Ms. Machado appeared in a risqué scene on a reality television show, but fact-checkers have discovered no sex tape.)

This is as bad as finding that "Who's Nailin' Paylin?" did not actually feature Sarah Palin.

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