Monday, November 2, 2015

Plant That Bell and Let It Ring

Homegrown's alright with me. Hemp seed anyway. I put it in my breads all the time. Don't smoke the cannabis anymore, but do wish I could get seeds cheaper. It's like $20 a pound at the health food store. I know enough about economics to realize more supply would bring the price down.

1. Hemp seeds may reduce your chances of a heart attack.

2. Hemp seeds are nutritious.

3. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of complete plant-based protein.

4. Hemp seeds may reduce the effects of skin diseases like eczema.

5. Hemp seeds are good for the digestion.

6. Hemp seeds may help with PMS and menopause.

Had to get that Truther stupidity off the top of the pile anyway. 


  1. I'm with you on this, having grown up in the Flower Child era. Weed can do many miraculous things.

  2. There are some really healthy grains around. Hemp seed just has the misfortune of growing into a plant that has been demonized for its intoxicating effects. Closely related, I see Ohio went one toke over the line in trying to legalize everything all at once.