Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Should Help Quell Immigration

Can I blame Trump for this?

Life expectancy at birth will continue to climb substantially for residents of industrialized nations — but not in the United States, where minimal gains will soon put life spans on par with those in Mexico and the Czech Republic, according to an extensive analysis released Tuesday.


  1. I read the whole linked article and the situation is much worse than the quote makes it sound. The US is among the worst developed countries in most measurable health criteria, and falling further behind.

    So no, we can't blame Trump, because the problem goes back to long before he was in power. But blame the lack of universal insurance (which all other developed countries have) and the ideology that perpetuates it. Blame the prevalence of obesity and the culture which normalizes and legitimizes it.

  2. Blame the prevalence of obesity and the culture which normalizes and legitimizes it.

    I was being a little facetious about blaming Trump for it. It's a reflex action.

    I've thought for a long time that we're screwed no matter what health insurance system is adopted if we don't take preventive measures. There's a Tai Chi writer, Bruce Frantzis, who describes it as a healthcare tsunami.

    Smoking has come way down through education and deglamorization. But now it seems acceptable to be obese. Can't think of a better word than acceptable.

    I'm mostly vegan with some occasional lapses. I believe that's a diet that would improve the health of anyone adopting it. It's troubling that the government pushes policy that is pro-meat and pro-dairy industry because the USDA has ties to it. But, government is chasing its tail if it continues to push more consumption of saturated fat laden food and at the same time intends to fix healthcare.