Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cut the Crap

Nice list of things Trump is going to magically cause to cease.

A database search finds that in recent months Trump has announced that all of the following are "going to stop": Foreign interventions. Ridiculous trade deals. Terrorism. Nation building. Outsourcing. Illegal immigration. Drugs (all of them). Refugees. Currency manipulation. Corruption. Gangs. Tax havens. Tax loopholes. The media. The decline of coal. Foreign aid. Trade deficits. Regime change. Job loss. Heroin deaths. Repatriating terrorists. Bullying. Lobbying. Unspecified "things." And poop.

"We're going to stop that crap from coming into our country," he has ordered.

Milbank said some nice things about Pence in his piece. Let's balance that.

When the Trump administration unveiled an executive order trying to bar Syrian refugees from coming to the United States, many who have resettled here in the American heartland felt a familiar sense of dread: Mike Pence is trying to ban us. Again.

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