Saturday, November 12, 2016

Some Good Post-Election News

So, I haven't mentioned here in a day or two how nice it is to live in New York even though my area of the state voted pretty heavily for Trump. Obviously, I'm North of Albany.

Planned Parenthood supporters in the Capital Region responded to Tuesday's election of Donald Trump as president by extending words of comfort and offers to volunteer to the nonprofit's Albany and Schenectady affiliates.

Trump and his supporters are such fine Christians. 

Throughout his campaign, Trump vowed to stop federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the provider of reproductive health services; to "repeal and replace" the federal Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. through which millions of Americans buy individual health insurance; and to cut Medicaid, the government-sponsored insurance program for low-income Americans. All of those actions would affect Planned Parenthood, which provides services to many low-income women.

Who would Jesus let die at the side of the road?

On Wednesday, after Trump's win, the immediate emails, the Facebook posts, the notes and the calls were unexpected, people at both affiliates said.

"It's even more amplified because this was such a polarizing 12 to 18 months for all of us," Corbett said. "People are standing up. This motivates people, they feel very impassioned about some of the negative things that came out of the campaign."

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