Saturday, November 19, 2016

Not All Christians Love Trump

Mostly the ones who have read the Bible and follow the teachings of Jesus. That's my guess.

Trump, they declare, "fueled white American nationalism with xenophobic appeals and religious intolerance at the expense of gospel values [and] democratic principles."

They charge him with mocking women and the sanctity of marriage vows, disregarding facts, worshiping "wealth and shameful materialism," and taking an already-weakened "culture of civility to nearly unprecedented" depths with his vulgarity and ugly personal attacks.

They describe Trump's campaign as the most "extreme version of a history of racialized politics" that has ever been pursued, also noting with disdain the silence of white evangelicals in the face of such behavior. Their silence throughout that history, those Christian leaders declared, "set the environment for what we see now." 

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