Thursday, June 2, 2016

Quote of the Day

Thank you for this story in my morning PS, Maury. This is why my blog now has the sub-title "Election 2016-Can You Die of Amusement." Between Trump nationally and Funiciello locally, I fear my sides may literally split. And for me to use literally in this instance, you know this is serious humorous stuff.

“Now what’s going to happen when you send a Green into that same arena in a year where Bernie and Trump are the perceived outsiders and are receiving unbelievable amounts of attention?” he asked. “The answer to me is that I’m not going to be ignored at all as the first and maybe only Green elected to Congress.” 

Obviously, anyone who believes the Pentagon was not hit by an airplane and there are no pictures anywhere to suggest otherwise is not going to have a problem imagining himself in Congress. That's not the quote, tho.

“I’m not sure how much I really could get done, but I’m saying to you, ‘I don’t think anybody we would elect is really going to get anything done,’” he said.

Is that the most inspirational campaign rhetoric you've ever heard? 

"Vote For Funiciello: No One's Going to do Anything Anyway!"

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