Friday, June 24, 2016

Can You Believe It's Not True?

Here's a story from yesterday's Daily News.

The buy one/give one program, dubbed “Share the Safety,” promised to donate guns to “statistically under-armed Americans — from homosexuals to the elderly.”

The incredibly elaborate website for the campaign includes links to the NRA and Smith & Wesson websites alongside pictures of smiling people armed with handguns, and others draped in the American flag.

The site encourages visitors to “buy a gun, give a gun to an American in an at-risk neighborhood.”

Here's the link to the spoof site. It looks incredibly real. And with the NRA, why would you not think that it wasn't?

Quote OTD is from Rep. Rick Nolan from Minnesota, courtesy of Charles Pierce

"I represent rural communities in northeastern Minnesota. Everybody in my neighborhood has shotguns and deer rifles—including me. I'm proud to strongly support the Second Amendment. But the fact is, when you're out duck hunting, you can only have three shells in your gun. Why? To protect ducks! That's right—we put limits on guns to protect ducks. So why can't we do the same for our elementary schoolchildren? For our friends and neighbors in places of worship? For our families who want to catch a Friday night movie? For our LGBTQ community who just want to go out for some fun and dancing and a night of revelry on a Saturday night? Surely they deserve the same concern and safety that we afford to ducks." 

Meanwhile, here's my congresswoman, Elise Stefanik, on the whole thing. She finds the protest distasteful. 

In response to a Post-Star inquiry about the sit-in, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro, said Thursday, “I am a legislator, not a protester.”

The full statement, which was emailed to The Post-Star by Stefanik spokesman Tom Flanagin and attributed to the congresswoman, further emphasized her focus on “commonsense results” to address both terrorism and gun violence.

“I ran against Washington dysfunction and will continue working on behalf of my constituents to find commonsense solutions through the legislative process,” she said.

She called the Orlando shooting that spurred the Democrats’ sit-in “a tragedy and a terrible reminder that the threat of terrorism on our homeland remains very real.”

“As a strong Second Amendment advocate, I believe there are legislative solutions we can agree on that protect civil liberties and constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans, and keep guns out of the hands of terrorists,” she said.

When in doubt always bring up terrorism and commonsense results. What commonsense results have come out of the House?

At one point overnight, the two sides nearly came to blows after Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, approached the Democrats and yelled, “Radical Islam!”

 At least she's not Louis Gohmert.

Stefanik also said she will continue to work to “reform our nation’s mental health system, which is why I am a cosponsor of the bipartisan Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act.”

I'm sure the Gohmert family will appreciate that. 

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