Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quote of the Day: Josh Marshall

I try not to write about Trump-related stuff so much. Don't want to step on Shaw's toes. Josh Marshall has a nice post up today saying that Trump is not even running a campaign. Living in a deeply blue state allows me the luxury of not paying a lot of attention to the presidential race and more to the race for district Rep. Anyway.

It would be like sitting in the stands watching a football game. But one team isn't even taking the field because the quarterback is on the sidelines knifing his coaches and teammates. Trump issues daily attacks on GOP insiders as corrupt pansies; they attack him as an unstable racist. You almost feel sorry for the Dems: where's their angle in on the 2016 campaign?

It's such a spectacle. The daily particulars are so mesmerizing that you have to step back to see that Trump isn't even running a campaign.

Thirty-one days til the convention. Won't that be fun!

Bonus quotes from the Trumpster himself, courtesy of Marshall.

"If Hillary gets in, you will have a Supreme Court that will destroy our country as we know it, just remember that. It will destroy. We will have Venezuela," Trump said. "You see what's happening in Venezuela? We're getting fairly close to that anyway. But we will have Venezuela," "We will have something you won't even recognize."

Venezuela, I tells ya!

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