Monday, June 13, 2016

Is Your Congressman in Bed with the NRA?

Mine is. That's the link to Will Doolittle's column. Here's the Washington Post link. Congratulations, Shaw, you got a perfect zero. Not so much in NY.

  • 1.   Rep. Tom Reed (R)$10,950
  • 2.   Rep. Richard Hanna (R)$10,450
  • 3.   Rep. Lee Zeldin (R)$7,450
  • 4.   Rep. Elise Stefanik (R)$4,000
  • 5.   Rep. Chris Collins (R)$4,000
  • 6.   Rep. John Katko (R)$3,500
Well, you've got less blood on your hands than Tom Reed anyway, Elise. 

What'd I Say?

Thanks for that link, Will. It's nice to see that Congresswoman Stefanik has officially turned US gun policy over to the NRA. As I've commented in letters to the editor, "we don't allow cigarette manufacturers to control tobacco research and education." I read Matt Funiciello's opinion on gun legislation in February 2014. That lost him any chance at ever receiving my vote. My hope is that Mike Derrick will be one sane voice on this issue. Blessings on Hillary for her stand as well.

Just in case my comment doesn't go up. Thanks Reppie!

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