Monday, October 24, 2016

Boycott the Election, Trumpkins

It's the only way the government is ever going to take you seriously.

Do we participate in a corrupt and morally flawed system that only benefits our worst enemy? Do we give Hillary and our entire political system the aura of legitimacy by going to the polls on Election Day? Doesn’t that just perpetuate the globalists we’ve been fighting against all along?

Fight the power by not fighting the power. Take a page from the libtard Alinsky playbook. 

More seriously, here's Michael Gerson who's in one of my local papers, the Times Union. The fact that I'm reading what he writes is probably a good indication that the supporters of Herr Trump are never going to. Sadly. He ends this column with a fear I've had for some time now.

With the final debate over, two points are particularly evident. First, a serious GOP candidate would probably be winning this election, which was forfeited the moment Trump became the nominee. And second, an authoritarian populist with serious abilities might have a disturbingly large audience in 21st-century America. Imagine a Trump-like figure with the political skills of Bill Clinton or Tony Blair, feeding and riding the backlash against rapid economic and social change. It is the first time in my political lifetime that I have seen fragility at the heart of American democracy. And that glimpse should shock us back to a more civil and responsible politics.

That would be the horror: someone with the beliefs of Trump in a prettier package.

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