Friday, October 21, 2016

A Not So Hinged Comment From the GP

Heeeeeere"s Matt:

Bravado from the Democratic marketing machine trying hard to sway votes toward one of the two brands of toothpaste the two corporate war parties are trying to sell here. Good luck, Mike Derrick! We have internal polls as well and they show you losing this race more terribly than even Aaron Woolf did. Worse yet, you aren't even running to represent US but because you think that the job is likely to open up avenues of greater wealth for you. The most important thing we've learned is that almost 45% of "likely voters" are still undecided in our district (slightly ahead of the historic and unprecedented national numbers of undecideds). That says to me that you and your corporate buddy, Elise ... and your two corporate war parties ... are just like your two fiendish and horrific presidential candidates ... confused and in trouble. You have no idea what is going to happen. If you weren't so busy "campaigning" on Wall Street and on K Street and were focused instead on the voters in our actual district, you would already know that very few people are drinking your Koolaid. When I am campaigning, here in our actual district, I meet very few people (especially Democrats) who are excited about having a rich, Reagan Republican from Colorado "represent" them. You're not inspiring anyone. Drop out and stop playing this little cynical game with people's lives.


  1. Matt Funiciello and the Green Party have enough money for their own polls? I have trouble believing that, but if it's true then they have better resources than I thought.

  2. Well, he hasn't released his taxes. I'm thinking he might be the Donald Trump of bakers. I was a little skeptical about his "internal polling" too. It would be rude, I suppose, especially on the Lord's day to suggest it might just be the voices in his head. Screw it, I'm probably going to hell anyway.

    1. My standard response to that is "the voices in your head are not reliable sources." I'm even prepared for him spouting off his sexual fantasies: "the voices in your other head aren't, either."

    2. Thanks, I'm going to remember to use that. And bear in mind that the voices in my head may not always be reliable either.