Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Not Just the Superdelegates

I was happy to see this article explaining that Bernie would be losing with or without the superdelegates. I see the purpose of them and do not want to see Hillary get the nomination in a way that leads to charges of cheating.

Sanders is pushing for something that wouldn’t help him all that much. Redistributing superdelegates in proportion to states won, he’d still be way behind in superdelegates. The Washington Post ran this exercise several weeks ago, and they figured Clinton would lead in this category 260 to 138 if a winning candidate received all delegates, including superdelegates, in each state.

This article also pointed to something that's been annoying me. The charge that Sanders would do better against Trump based on whatever polling. My feeling has been, for some time, that the right would much rather run against Bernie. Why?

Lots of them see Sanders as a weaker November candidate. Head-to-head polls at this point are not very accurate. Sanders hasn’t yet faced a barrage of Republican ads painting him as just short of the second coming of Vladimir Lenin.

Yes. That would get old by November. I'm used to Clinton being attacked. 

Another random thought rattling around in my head has been: who campaigns for Trump? They can't even get pols to go to the convention. Hillary is going to have the Obama's and Bidens. the Big Dog himself, maybe even Al Gore, Bernie hopefully and whoever her Veep is. And a cast of thousands. 

Who's going to campaign for The Donald? Not even Cruz I'm thinking. Dubya and Darth Cheney? Lord, I hope so.  


  1. Kindly Dr. Ben Carson is going to advise The Trumper on a VP running mate. What are the chances he'll recommend Mike Tyson?

  2. Maybe he'll do a Dick Cheney and recommend himself. It might be a hard row to hoe finding someone to run with him. Ann Coulter is my choice. Go for the humorless harpy of hate vote.