Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Trump Non-Running-mate

Donald Trump went to New Mexico to attack the woman who should be the GOP nominee for president if they were actually a sane political party. Not that I mind. I certainly would worry a lot more if Hillary Clinton was running against a Hispanic woman governor.

With Martinez on the outs, Trump attacked her several times in his speech, laying blame for New Mexico's unemployment rate and the increase in the number of residents on food stamps.

Trump also accused Martinez of allowing "large numbers" of Syrian refugees to be settled in New Mexico, though Martinez was one of a number of governors who spoke out against President Barack Obama's plan to allow some Syrian refugees to relocate to the United States. 

Running-mate? She's not even voting for him.

Just a little bit beside the point is this post at LGM. We didn't start the fire.

It’s pretty hard to convincingly claim that an ignorant buffoon like Donald Trump isn’t a serious candidate for president when you’ve put an ignorant buffoon on a presidential ticket. (And while George W. Bush was not as unqualified as Palin, the proudly ill-informed anti-intellectualism that was central to his shtick was not incidental to the rise of figures like Trump.)

The Grand Old Buffoon party lives!

What made him think launching into a clumsy diatribe about a fellow Republican — and one who is an established star in a swing state, no less – was a good idea? What was he trying to accomplish? Does Trump think the way to get people on board is to insult them in public? Does he really think elected Republicans are his vassals?  Does he really think they need him more than he needs them?

Trump’s remarks have instantly become the insult heard around the party. Martinez is exactly what the Republican Party needs more of.  She is a popular female, Hispanic, conservative leader who is currently the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association. She is not a GOP opponent, she is not a bothersome journalist, and she certainly shouldn’t be an enemy of Trump.

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