Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Letters to Chuckles the Neocon

Just dashed off a letter to the Post Star in response to a recent Krauthammer column. I'll just link to his nastiness. It's not worth cutting and pasting any of it here. It leaves a slime trail. Anyway:

I'd like to respond to Charles Krauthammer's latest column in which he has the heebie-jeebies over Russia. He states, "Eastern Europe has been begging NATO to station permanent bases on its territory as a tripwire guaranteeing a powerful NATO/U.S. response to any Russian aggression." He points out that our allies in NATO are not willing to put these bases in. Then he states that Russia knows, "what stands in the way of westward expansion was not Europe, living happily in decadent repose, but the U.S. as guarantor of Western security."
The countries of Eastern Europe have my sympathy if they are truly in danger of being annexed by their neighbor. I'd bet that not one in a million Americans (including me) can find Lithuania or Estonia on a map, though. And if it doesn't concern the West Europeans enough to get them to set down their Beaujolais and respond, then I don't know why the residents of upstate New York should get excited.
The Russians died by the tens of millions fighting the Nazis, so I'd like to think that even if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz get elected, we're not going to get into a real war against them. So, maybe his problem is that we're not making enough empty threats. Congrats to him on making it through a column without mentioning Adolph Hitler, Munich or Neville Chamberlain. One day at a time.
As for the snide remark about the president's library being located in Havana, I'll just say hats off to Obama for putting an end to that foolishness with Cuba. Maybe Doctor Krauthammer can prescribe himself some Prozac if nightmares of Cubans attacking have him as jittery as the fear of a second world nation like Russia. 

I don't like wingnuts in my morning paper. I've tried them and I don't like them one bit.

I'm going to tack this on as well. Pretty sure I'm going to see this "political legitimacy" thing come up. already seen the "people are against it 2 to 1" meme from Chuckles himself.

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