Friday, May 1, 2015

That Didn't Take Long

A few days ago, I mused that the Right in this country would eventually turn on the police and military; well, more than they did at Cliven Bundy's squatted land. They seem to be onto the plot to seize Texas from the real Americans who live there. Yeeha!

It appears that the right wing in this country has become downright hostile to the one government institution they heretofore had defended with every fiber of their being: the military. This week, members of the conservative fringe, having apparently become convinced that the army is holding a large training exercise in the American southwest in order to prepare the ground for a federal government takeover of Texas.

They are, of course, going to turn it into Nazi Germany, but you could have guessed that. This really jumped out at me for some reason that I can't quite put my finger on. 

Others, like this gentleman from “The Common Sense Show,” have become convinced that this is far more insidious even than a practice for the day the U.S. military launches martial law throughout Texas.

Oh wait, I've got it

"UnCommon Sense" is a weekly show hosted by Matt Funiciello, Writer, Activist, Green Party Congressional Candidate, Bread Baker, Bad Hockey Coach.

Well, maybe Matt'll head on down there and help the Texans defend themselves from tyranny. 

"If you don't feel we need guns to defend ourselves against tyranny, then you're not paying attention."

I'm thinking he might be down with the idea. He's not a conspiracy theorist, just a questioner. 

This person links to Alex Jones’ conspiracy website InfoWars, which seems to be the main source of all this alleged inside information about the Jade Helm exercises. He also cites the Oath Keepers, who are very agitated about this “infiltration” as well. (Oath Keepers are former and current members of the military who take an oath to disobey orders that violate the Constitution. Who decides what the Constitution says in these matters is apparently left up to Alex Jones. And maybe those “Duck Dynasty” guys too.)

I guess Digby doesn't know about Constitutional expert Bob Schulz. Since no one reads this anyway, I can mention here that Texas is only the start. Kaiser Obama is going to roll up all the red states before the 2016 election is canceled. It's gonna be a whole new Homeland.

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