Monday, May 4, 2015

Sorry Mr. Nader : Bernie Is Not Taking Your Calls

From Hometown's Paper of Record comes this article on Bernie Sander's run for the roses White House. If he did run as a 3rd party candidate, I could see myself pulling the lever filling in the circle for him. I live in safe for Dems, except those running for Congress upstate, New York.

We are the big tent party.

Would the Democratic Party require Sanders to change his “I” to a “D” in order for him to run in the party’s primaries and caucus? No, a senior Democratic National Committee aide told CBS.

A candidate need only demonstrate "a commitment to the goals and objectives of the Democratic Party," the aide explained. "If you're good with us, we're good with you.”

There wasn't a lot in the article that was remarkable, except for this:

Nader footnote: The former Green Party candidate is no great friend of Sanders.

In a recent letter, Nader accuses Sanders of being “a Lone Ranger, unable even to form a core progressive force within the Senate…. speechifying, putting forward amendments that go nowhere and an occasional hearing where you incisively question witnesses.”

Nader’s primary complaint seems to be that Sanders never returns his calls: “Your staff dutifully takes my messages, forwards them to you and you do not call back. Never.”

Thank you Bernie! You get my vote just for that. In fact, I'm going to cafe press to look for a bumper sticker now. It seems to be a characteristic of Green Party candidates in general to over-estimate their own importance. To qualify for a spot on the Green ticket requires about as much effort as scoring a blog at google blogger. But yet, someone runs for an office they have no chance of winning and suddenly think they're important. 

Has Ralph Nader formed a core progressive force anywhere? Maybe if he had run for an office he could have maybe, possibly, conceivably had a chance of winning he could have made a difference.  But, it's more important to have the big stage where you get lots of attention. That reminds me of someone. Who wants to run for mayor or dog catcher or city councilman? It's better to run for an office you have no chance of winning, then it doesn't look so bad when you lose. If you lose the city councilman election, that hurts. 

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