Friday, May 25, 2018

Letter: There's Liars, Then There's Damned Liars

I'd like to thank Mr. Simpson for alerting me to Barack Obama's receiving Politifact's lie of the year in 2013. Since he didn't include it, "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it." Here are a few other winners. In 2015, they awarded it to the many campaign misstatements of Donald Trump. In 2016, they gave it to the folks helping to spread the fake news smear of the American news media. A prime purveyor, of course, being Trump. In 2017, Trump was given the "honor" for his claim that Russian interference in the election is a hoax.
Obama apologized for his error. His bad for thinking people wouldn't want worthless health insurance policies. I don't recall him spreading conspiracy theories, though. Our current president was (is?) a prominent birther. He believes climate change is a Chinese hoax, vaccines lead to autism, millions voted illegally in 2016 and that Ted Cruz's father had a role in assassinating JFK. His latest nonsense about Obama "embedding" a spy in his campaign has as close a relationship with reality as the previous delusion about his phones being tapped. Maybe it's just a guilty conscience from the fact that he and everyone on his campaign seem to have close relations with various Russians.

Our current representative, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, could provide some oversight of the executive branch. They seem to have other priorities, though. I'll join Ms. Nadolski in urging support for Tedra Cobb in next month's primary and November's general election. The swamp isn't getting drained with Republican control and it would help wipe the smirk off of Vlad Putin.   


  1. The lies of Donald Trump are like unto the stars of the heavens or the sands of the desert -- no man can count them. Not many politicians have made such a point of being honest as Obama did. But if the wingnuts didn't have a warped sense of reality, they'd have no sense of reality at all.

    1. Calling Trump a liar and what he spews, lies, just seems so inadequate. I just saw a comment in a thread where some Trumpist was opining on his hero's multi-dimensional chess moves vis a vis North Korea. Rick Wilson has an article in the Daily News on that. Stumbled upon it right afterward.


    2. FiveThirtyEight doesn't think Trump is playing chess of any dimension. Instead, they think he's playing Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe.

  2. That was interesting. Hadn't heard of that. I'll give him that Trump isn't playing chess in any number of dimensions. I have doubts about tic tac toe too, though.