Thursday, October 15, 2015

Keeping Godwin Alive

First, I want to implore Mark Frost to put the Chronicle online so I can just copy and paste from it. Mark, it will be so good for you to receive all of the zero readers from my blog hitting your site. At least consider it.

OK, so here's Susan Balfour whom I'd like to give a big thanks to. Every now and then when I write a letter to the editor, I feel like a crank. That's actually every time that I do. There's a fine line between crank and gadfly you know. So here's Susan today:

I graduated form Glens Falls High in 1970 with 245 students. Having lived here may entire life. I have witnessed tremendous growth in Glens Falls. So many more houses have been built and many families have moved here.

One would think the number of graduates would be close to the same or more. It is shocking that in 2014 only 130 students graduated. 

So, a web search of US birth rates gives me 25 per 1000 people in 1952 when Susan Balfour was presumably born and 15 per 1000 in 1995 when 2013 graduates were born.

Yes, families are having fewer children, but I wonder how many of those that would have graduated were aborted babies?

So, you're writing this letter based on pure speculation. Could it be that, among many other things, this had something to do with it? Then, I'm pretty certain she considers that to be some form of murder against sperm.

I wonder what talents and gifts were killed with those aborted.

You know, one of them might have been the next Hitler, too.

If we don't think abortion has an impact on every hometown, think again, the evidence is right before your eyes!

Uh, no it really isn't

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