Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Which I Side With Glenn Beck

I gotta say that  Rep. Anthony Weiner really should back off on this. Anything that separates Tea Party dumbasses from their money is alright with me. It’s just less they have to contribute to any candidates who might have a chance of winning. And Goldline likely isn’t going to financially back any candidates because they’re just in it for the dough. A win-win.

Fox News host and conservative talker Glenn Beck is firing back after New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner issued a report critical of Goldline International, a gold retailer and one sponsor of Beck's cable show.

You go Glenn, and you too, Goldline!

The report says the gold retailer has entered "an unholy alliance with conservative pundits" — among them Beck, Fred Thompson, Dennis Miller, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham — to "promote Goldline by playing off the fear of inflation."

"What we have found, by looking through the public records, is that very often they use their public programs to advocate purchasing gold, and then immediately, advertisements begin for Goldline," Weiner said in a news conference Tuesday.

A fool and his money and all that. Fuck it, I got some magic beans I’ll sell them. I’m not trading for a cow, though. Cash or their overpriced gold coins, it’s one or the other.


  1. Even my wedding ring is silver. I refuse to buy gold cause I always found that it was assholes like Pat Boone telling me to buy it.

  2. I never understood investing in metals. I want something that pays dividends. I can see having some silver around in case of werewolves, tho. That is prudent. The ring is probably enough, as the Hunt boys will likely tell ya.

  3. I put up a temp post on this a week ago.


    Any scam that will separate the TeaParty malcontents from their money isn't all bad. The folks who admire Beck, Thompson, and Levin are the perfect tools for the Goldline scam.

  4. I always feel good if you're agreeing with me, Shaw.

    Have a nice holiday weekend.