Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laughs at American SoreLoser

Sorry, I guess that’s actually American Power. I won’t bother linking because he hates to have a lot of traffic there. Anyway, this is the type of hilarious graphic I go there for.  Obamacare_Flag_Poster_Profit_FlagHe drew me in with the “Tbogg is a racist post,” but I stayed for the people’s cube idiocy. Beyond the ludicrous idea that the White House wants to stop capitalism there is the image presented. Doesn’t the strong, virile protagonist in the poster represent the forces of anti-capitalism? And the sickly capitalist is the character who is only represented by a hand with a dollar sign? He also seems to have a sallow color. I suppose they are saying this is what the WH would put out. In that case, why help them?

Maybe Professor Clownshoes hasn’t looked at the market lately. My portfolio is certainly perking up. Hope his is.  


  1. GE gets to $21 I'll be where I was before the crash. WMZ and FTR are still paying great dividends and their share price is low. GDI has gone through alot of cost cutting but it's trending upward. F is doing well. I'm going to sell at $9 when it gets there. It may go even higher but I've seen too many times over greedyness lead to crushing losses. MBR is real cheap but all the fatcats in my hometown are buying lots of shares so I took a chance.

    You getting all this Professor? Nihilist capitalism at work Brother. I plan on financing new Nihilist Bloggers to troll American Power with all my profits. And by a home in Long Beach.

  2. Nihilist capitalism. I like that.

    The neocons' problem is that they started out as communists and have never quite gotten a grasp of how economics is supposed to work.

    Oh yeah, and their propaganda sucks, too.